Click here to see my hastily made Glogster poster.

Here is a better example

Title Text.

Click here for powerpoint directions on Glogster

Click here to register for Glogster website.  You need parental permission and an e-mail address.

First Basic Glogster Assignment

Introduce your self using a glogster poster:
     1.  Select a wall background.
     2.  Clear any unwanted items by highlighting on the item and clicking on the trash can.
     3.  Select text and put your name in large font in the FRONT AND CENTER  of the poster. 
     3.  Include 5 pictures, each picture must have explanatory text
          To get images from google:
          a.  minimize glogster and open google images and find the desired picture.
          b.  right click on image
          b.  select save image as
          c.  save to desktop
          d.  reopen the glogster tab
          e.  click image and upload button
           f.  select image from desktop
          g.  add frames if desired
          h.  click the use it button